The main objective of The Center for Strategic Thinking in Real Estate (GİSP) is as follows; to institute future predictions in real estate dynamics both for private and the Government sector as well as to establish relevant correlations, to project potential impacts and to state prospective areas and collaboration possibilities for its member and the community.

Strategic Thinking in Real Estate

GISP multi-layered perspective from one of Turkey’s most important real estate sector, we set out to instill that vision in the construction sector.

GISP sets out its vision with concepts such as institutionalism, international thought and design.

GİSP works on new financing instruments.

GISP works to better understand the sector of the international institutional investor.

GISP produces strategy reports on the agenda and presents them to relevant institutions.

GISP organizes roundtable meetings with specialists in subjects that are relevant to the sector.

GİSP works on an international real estate certificate program with a reputable university.

GISP brings together industry actors at content conferences.

GISP works on new regulations in urban transformation. Produces ideas

Membership Application

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