The main objective of The Center for Strategic Thinking in Real Estate (GİSP) is as follows; to institute future predictions in real estate dynamics both for private and the Government sector as well as to establish relevant correlations, to project potential impacts and to state prospective areas and collaboration possibilities for its member and the community.


Turkey’s first real estate GISP as think tanks, has been working with the following objectives:

  • GİSP is a Platform: GİSP is defined as a platform to evade bureaucracy and solely concentrate on ‘generating new ideas’.
  • Membership with invitation: GİSP is a voluntary organization and the membership is by invitation. The platform aims to establish a unique and knowledgeable member structure therefore, GİSP values quality over quantity.
  • Emphasis on ‘niche’ areas: GİSP emphasis on diverse and niche topics hidden behind the popular issues with a critically important perspective. For instance, when the media and public debate on urban transformation, GİSP takes a step forward and focuses on ‘The future form of the real estate market that follows urban transformation’.

GİSP Board of Directors:

  • President
    Hakan Gümüş
  • Vice President
    Berna Meşeli
  • Secretary General
    Başak Dilmen Turan
  • Accountant
    Mehmet Ersül
  • Board Member
    Nevzat Yaman
  • Board Member
    Hakan Bucak
  • Board Member
    Cem Akçay
  • Board Member
    Şeyma Kumuk
  • Board Member
    Evrim Karayel

GİSP Substitute Board Members:

  • Mustafa Kemal Kayış
  • Fatih Işık

GİSP Supervisory Board Members:

  • Av. Nazım Kurt
  • Mustafa Akdoğan
  • Serdar Çetin

GİSP Substitute Supervisory Board Members:

  • Deniz Şahinkaya
  • Güven Erten